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For whatever personal reasons, many of us are looking for information on how to start an online business.

Maybe your life situation confines you to your home and you need work that is accessible from any location. Or maybe you are just tired of the 9-5 hustle and looking for an alternative. Still others might simply be looking for a systematic way to start a side hustle. Because some extra cash at the end of each month would really make a HUGE difference.

I actually relate to ALL those reasons.

However, even though I would consider myself internet saavy having been “online” for so many years – it doesn’t mean I know how to start a business. I’ve never been to business school and hanging around the Internet all these years, taking a stab at various methods hasn’t really done it for me.

So what am I to do?

When you are in a situation of needing money, it’s really difficult to invest hard earned dollars on internet marketing claims. Unfortunately, there are loads of scams (online and in real life!) so how can we ever know who to trust?

Well, I came across this marketing guy named Miles Beckler. Although he certainly has paid offerings and suggestions to various online tools, he offers a completely FREE BLUEPRINT on how to start an online business.

Yup – completely free course and having been around, there are plenty of other “gurus” who charge for something like this. You can sign-up via email and get access to it all instantly – no strings attached.

My first thoughts are still around caution and skepticism. I mean, there are a million digital marketing people out there, offering something for free, only to push their paid course or some other product.

But digging into the content more, it’s not the the case with Miles. He also has a Youtube channel with completely ad-free videos providing detailed information.

This guy is the real deal and with limited funds to start this online business of mine, I figure it’s best to go through his blueprint and see what happens.

He has other businesses supporting him, so his goal in providing all this free information is to be known as “the most helpful Internet marketer online.” There is something to be said about leaving a legacy and receiving a lot of fulfillment from that.

So for – this is the first attempt. Go through Mile’s online course and report back! Stay tuned.

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