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How Do I Make Money On A Blog

No doubt we know it’s technically possible to earn money online but what are the details and how significant is that income. I’m sure you are wondering how do I make money on a blog exactly?

How Do I Make Money On A Blog - details on possible income stream ideas for bloggers.

We’ve all seen influencers online and bloggers seemingly living an amazing lifestyle all the while making an income to live off of. It sounds too good to be true, huh?

Although I must admit there are a lot of bloggers out there who do it as a hobby and do not make a full-time income, there obviously are those that make a good income without any shady dealings.

The idea of blogging is to create something to attract attention and followers, so that ultimately you will be able to capitalize on your audience to make money.

Having a blog means having some digital real estate where you share something that is of interest to others – hence how you are able to get visitors. Once you have an audience, there are multiple ways to make money and I tend to group them in big buckets.

One method is to sell something directly. Maybe you make a product or digital item or ecourse or service. Coaches and consultants might blog about topics that relate to their ideal clients and on the sidebar offer their services one on one. Almost any topic can be turned into a digital ecourse that can be sold to people for access. Or any product (real or digital) can be sold over the internet. Each method has it’s own challenges, but the idea is the same. You have a blog to attract people that would ultimately be perfect for buying xyz product you offer.

Another method is to focus on affiliate links. It’s similar to selling something, but you are actually pointing people to some other place to spend money – so your referral gives you a commission, a cut off of the person’s spend. Almost every major company offers an affiliate program – from giants like Amazon to clothing/apparel to tech services and memberships. I think of it as digital word of mouth – because ultimately you are giving reviews or suggestions to your audience about a variety of products or services – and in return you get some kickback.

Finally, there is advertising. Obviously this comes in many forms. I don’t know if branded content falls in this category or something related (basically a company paying you to blog about their product specifically) or if you just prefer to sell advertising spots on your website or hook up with a media network that serves ads onto your website. There are many variations but ultimately you are paid for advertising time/space.

You've Got This encouraging sign for online bloggers.

Obviously, a blogger should probably consider all avenues of income and combining many different ways to make money could be a smart way to build up that full-time income.

Now, how much money could someone make? Well, it really does range the gamut – from zero to the sky’s the limit. Probably not what you wanted to hear? Although you can find income reports and examples out there, it really depends on how much traffic you can get and details of how much profit per conversion. Someone selling a $20 ebook can make thousands a month because it’s probably very high profit for a product that is done and downloadable with little to no upkeep. If you run a membership website, you might make more money per transaction, but probably requires a lot more maintenance as an ongoing service.

I’ve had a personal blog for a long time, but I never monetized it because it was a bit all over the place given my personal hobbies and random journaling. When I finally decided to test out the waters, I basically made pennies using Google Adsense. It’s probably not a huge market for advertisers. However, now that I’m up to more pageviews per month, I joined an ad network and make about $100-$200 a month.

Google Analytics for my blog.

It’s obviously not a living and I have a lot to learn and work on to improve my blog for advertising, but it’s something! It’s sort of a proof of concept, that it is possible. Certainly every industry has it’s difference as I do have personal friends with other blogs on other topics that make more with similar traffic and a lot more with lots more traffic. So it’s possible, but it does take a lot of work and income is variable because it all depends on the advertisers wanting to bid and advertise on your blog…

I use Ezoic for my blog advertising and although it seemed a bit daunting to setup, it turned out to be easier than I thought. They have an account manager that personally helps you out, so it was a smooth process from there. Now I just sit back and watch the dashboards… of course, my goal is to increase my blog traffic, so I can increase my earnings.

If you are interested here is my Ezoic affiliate link so you can try it out yourself! It’s a totally free service to get ads onto your website and they usually want blogs with at least 10K pageviews, but sometimes they accept smaller blogs too. I think it’s worth a try and they payout with Payoneer along with other options, which makes it more accessible globally.

Do you have a blog, but not yet ventured into monetization? Although profits might seem small to begin with, if you are able to test out the waters, you’ll have a better idea of what works, how much you can make and how you need to scale to make your income goals! Good luck!

How Do I Make Money On A Blog - details on possible income stream ideas for bloggers.

How to Start an Online Business

For whatever personal reasons, many of us are looking for information on how to start an online business.

Maybe your life situation confines you to your home and you need work that is accessible from any location. Or maybe you are just tired of the 9-5 hustle and looking for an alternative. Still others might simply be looking for a systematic way to start a side hustle. Because some extra cash at the end of each month would really make a HUGE difference.

I actually relate to ALL those reasons.

However, even though I would consider myself internet saavy having been “online” for so many years – it doesn’t mean I know how to start a business. I’ve never been to business school and hanging around the Internet all these years, taking a stab at various methods hasn’t really done it for me.

So what am I to do?

When you are in a situation of needing money, it’s really difficult to invest hard earned dollars on internet marketing claims. Unfortunately, there are loads of scams (online and in real life!) so how can we ever know who to trust?

Well, I came across this marketing guy named Miles Beckler. Although he certainly has paid offerings and suggestions to various online tools, he offers a completely FREE BLUEPRINT on how to start an online business.

Yup – completely free course and having been around, there are plenty of other “gurus” who charge for something like this. You can sign-up via email and get access to it all instantly – no strings attached.

My first thoughts are still around caution and skepticism. I mean, there are a million digital marketing people out there, offering something for free, only to push their paid course or some other product.

But digging into the content more, it’s not the the case with Miles. He also has a Youtube channel with completely ad-free videos providing detailed information.

This guy is the real deal and with limited funds to start this online business of mine, I figure it’s best to go through his blueprint and see what happens.

He has other businesses supporting him, so his goal in providing all this free information is to be known as “the most helpful Internet marketer online.” There is something to be said about leaving a legacy and receiving a lot of fulfillment from that.

So for – this is the first attempt. Go through Mile’s online course and report back! Stay tuned.


Income Stream Ideas is a website documenting the exploration of different streams of online incomes. Why not take advantage of the many opportunities available to us with the power of the internet at our fingertips, right?

Like many of you surfing the Internet, I’ve come across so many advertisements and programs available. It’s always about making money online and how darn easy it is…

But as with most things in life, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

Unfortunately, there are people taking advantage of the anonymity of the Internet to prey on honest people who are just trying to find a way to financial freedom… or literally just trying to put food on the table.

I’ve felt the intrigue when listening to these so called gurus making their outrageous claims and flashing their success in our faces. They seem to always be traveling in exotic locations, talking about how easy and effortless it is to build an online business. That certainly you can do it too… just sign-up or pay for this course…

Hmm… it definitely sounds like a whole lot of smoke and mirrors. If making money is so darn easy, I doubt there would be so many smart people out there, still struggling with making ends meet, working normal jobs and still working to reach their ultimate financial goals.

After my initial obsession and subsequent disgust of the online marketing world, I realized there must be a ‘real way’ to do it. Obviously it will require time, effort and maybe even some money.

But it must certainly be possible, right?

Whether you are talking about online business or regular everyday businesses – there will always be people who want to scam, trick, steal and slash their way to profits – completely unmoved by the carnage they are creating along the way.

I don’t want to be involved in any of that.

I believe that it is possible to explore the many different online opportunities there are and actually make some money. Totally honest, money earned from providing something of value to others.

I don’t expect to be buying a sports car or anything associated with that illusion of ‘internet marketing gurus.’

Because yes, that literally just sounds like a dream.

I’m talking about real ideas that require me to roll up my sleeves, but work to earn some bucks. The truth, the good, the bad, the ugly… all of it. No BS.

So join me for an authentic documentation of how it’s possible to make money online…

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